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Looking for something special? A Custom magic show ensures that the show suits your event perfectly or the product that's being launched.

There are lots of possibilities for instance, your logo, picture or slogan can be used in a trick or get revealed in a unique and magical way.  Personally, I try my best to think along with you to put together a tailor-made show that perfectly suits the occasion, the concept and your wishes.

Discover how you can make even more impact and generate additional customers !


There are a lot of possibilities imaginable, some examples:

  • Magical appearance of a chosen photo 
  • Your logo printed on the playing cards I use
  • Combination of multiple acts e.g. Close-up + Central act
  • Putting specific person(s) in extra spotlight
  • A special act tailored to your party or event.

What's your wish ?

I'll be happy to hear about your plans or ideas, contact me by pressing the button below !