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What kind of tricks do you perform during a show ?

Performing magic is more than just a 'simple magic trick'. It's the combination of giving the spectators a unique, magical and unforgettable experience ! Expect tricks and illusions like a levitating ring, mind reading, amazing card tricks, vanishes and impossible predictions.

Original and unbelievable tricks right under everyone's noses and even in the hands of the audience. 

Can you also be booked at a child's birthday party ?

That's certainly possible ! The Kids Magic Show and Kids Workshop are both ideal for a communion or birthday party.

An interactive and visual show, especially made for children, which is always successful and will definitely be remembered for a long time. 

How much do you charge for a performance ?

The price depends on some factors: the duration, displacement and the chosen act.
Based on each request, I propose you the most suitable concept and entertainment for your party or event.

If you fill in the contact form, you will receive a tailor-made quotation by email on the same day.

How long is a typical performance ?

The performance length varies from 1 hour to a whole day and depends on the chosen act and the number of guests.

For small groups up to 20 people 1 hour can be enough, but the more guests, the longer I need to involve everyone personally. Since every party or event is unique I am happy to give you personal advice on the most appropriate duration for your event.

Can I hire you as a magician for an event abroad ?

I perform both in Belgium and Europe.

Since I can perform my magic acts in 3 languages (English, Dutch and French), language is not a barrier to book me for any event or party abroad.

Additional costs are added to the price of the performance if applicable (flight or train ticket, luggage, overnight stay...)

Is it possible to promote my logo or product in a magic act ?

John K. Magic is one of the very few magicians in Belgium who's specialized in creating Custom Magic especially for companies and corporate events. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to promote your logo, gadgets or products. 

Are you ready to present your company or product to your customers in a never seen before and magical way ?